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18 August, 2003–Update! Sorry for the delays. Over the last few months between moving to a new place and surfing, projects like this have suffered. I hope to sit down and crank the new version out soon.

24 April, 2003–Update! New version due out soon! Features smoother play more like the original. The code has been completely rewritten and optimized for very smooth play at 60fps (currently it is locked at 30). It will be released here once I finish tweaking the timing. Be sure to check back soon so you can be the first to register a new high score! In the meantime, please enjoy the current version.

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Notice: This flash game is a tribute to the 1982 Activision™ classic Kaboom!™, the Atari™ 2600 console, and Larry Kaplan. This is a non-commercial and non-profit flash game that provides no monetary gain to the site operator. Larry Kaplan is the original creator of the Kaboom! cart. The 'Kaboom!™' and 'Activision™' trademarks are the property of the Activision™ Corporation. The 'Atari™' tradmark and 'Atari Fiji®' mark are the property of Infogrames™ Corporation. All trademarks and original artwork are property of their respective owners.

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